alien 4 live 2016
alien resurrection live 2018
Mixes for http://TerryRadio.Biz
sept 2016 mix
october 2016 mix a
december 2016 lsd mix
jan 2017 afx tribute mix
feb 2017 rihanna tribute mix
feb 2017 techno mix
march 2017 uk hardcore/happy hardcore
april 2017 dressed in black 1
april 2017 dressed in black 2
may 2017 ILU slow pop
may 2017 special mix
June 2017 3 am horror
July 2017 City Pop LOL
july dark ambient/noise 2017
august 2017 metal/pop
August Vsnares Tribute 2017
September 2017 hardcore only 666
September 2017 synthwave/hard pop
October Pop Music Mix
November Halloween Mix
Final 2017 Mix Special Edition
First 2018 Mix Stuff off my sp404
Work mix Nerdy Stuff
Mostly Darkstep nice stuff
Crossbreed/industrial hardcore
5th mix for 2018 damn this one is good
6 came in the game getting money
7 lying through your teeth
8th mix for 2018 an immaculate journey
the 9th mix for 2018 hard shit
the 10th mix for 2018
studio edit of 6-6-2018 termination 2 "ultimate commando" mix
12th mix dungeon synth
#13 like idm and black metal and all this shit
14th mix tons of NERO i love them
#15 mostly 2000s drum n bass
16th mix freestyle, house, party mix
#17 mostly house and some vocal techno stuff, real "moody"
#18 mostly schranz and hard techno with some classic hardcore
#19 man this one is some good shit party mix friday nite woooo
20th mix
mix 21 its got alot of rainy and weather sounds
#22 an emotional ambient journey
2018 final mix happy ny
first mix of 2019
Second mix of 2019
third mix of 2019
2019's fourth mix retrowave, paart, etc